Paul Delacourt explains how he and the Red River Technology team use cutting-edge digital innovation to transform their clients’ fortunes.


As Red River Technology’s director of programs, Paul Delacourt is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing many of the company’s most important operations. In his capacity as program director, the former FBI special agent has also helped to fine-tune the firm’s digital transformation process.


Paul Delacourt first lent his expertise to Red River Technology back in May 2021, joining the team at the New Hampshire-headquartered firm’s regional office in Chantilly, Virginia. Delacourt took his place at Red River following over 25 years of dedicated service working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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“I joined Red River Technology back in May last year, having recently left the role of assistant director of the FBI’s Strategic Realignment Program Management Office in Washington, D.C.,” Delacourt reveals, speaking from the technology transformation firm’s Fairfax County office.


“At Red River, we possess the perfect combination of talent, partners, and solutions,” he explains, “and, as a digital transformation company, we’re uniquely skilled to harness the power of technology to change the ways in which our clients do business.”


Red River Technology’s unique digital transformation process, Paul Delacourt goes on to reveal, combines industry-leading technical expertise and complete end-to-end support with strategic partnerships not available anywhere else. All of this and more, he says, has made Red River the partner of choice for clients in both the commercial and federal sectors.


Much the same is true of Red River Technology’s place within the nation’s state, local, and education markets, too, according to the company’s literature. “This is thanks in no small part to the fact that Red River’s digital transformation process can be tailored to optimize business processes and maximize the value of investments across the board,” Delacourt points out.


Paul Delacourt and the Red River team remain on a mission to reimagine the possibilities of tech


Further to Paul Delacourt and his team‘s location in Chantilly, Virginia, Red River Technology has additional offices in Sacramento, California, and New York City, New York. With its corporate headquarters in Claremont, New Hampshire, and commercial headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, the digital transformation company also boasts a separate innovation center in Austin, Texas.


“Together, we’re on a mission to reimagine the possibilities of technology, enabling organizations to transform beyond what’s traditionally expected of them,” adds former FBI special agent Delacourt, “to create a positive impact on citizens, soldiers, consumers, and employees alike.”


According to Red River Technology, its greatest asset has always been its people. Delacourt and others are, the firm says, at the core of everything that the company strives to achieve, exemplifying its values of purpose, integrity, collaboration, creativity, and philanthropy in the process, all while maintaining a rock-solid work ethic.


Michigan native Paul Delacourt is just one of numerous new hires drawn to Red River Technology over the past 12 months. In addition to his work within law enforcement and technology, Delacourt is further proud to have volunteered for a number of crucial charities, nonprofits, and other good causes recently, including the Pacific Council on International Policy.