[Dallas, Texas] – Qobrix, the leading provider of CRM solutions for the real estate industry, introduces its comprehensive platform as the ideal choice for entrepreneurs creating their own real estate marketplaces. With essential components for success, Qobrix empowers entrepreneurs to establish dynamic online portals like popular platforms, Zillow or Rightmove.

Qobrix offers a powerful front-end web portal, a robust backend system, a private portal for sellers and landlords to upload properties and manage their leads, and a Client Portal for users to save their favourite properties and searches. Seamlessly integrated, these components enable efficient listing management, property search, agent collaboration, and exceptional user experiences.



Entrepreneurs can efficiently manage property listings, process leads for clients, track portal performance, and analyze market trends from a centralized platform. The customizable website provides an intuitive interface and advanced search capabilities, delivering an outstanding browsing experience.

The Client Portal also presents opportunities to upsell additional products and services such as mortgages, listing fees, premium advertising, and more. Leveraging the Client Portal, entrepreneurs maximize revenue streams and deliver personalized experiences to valued clients.

“We’re thrilled to offer entrepreneurs a comprehensive solution for building real estate marketplaces,” said Anthony Nathanael, CEO at Qobrix. “Qobrix eliminates complexities, providing a robust backend system and a dynamic frontend portal for buyers, sellers and landlords. Entrepreneurs can focus on scaling their business, delivering exceptional value, and capitalizing on upsell opportunities.”

Qobrix has proven successful for real estate businesses of all sizes, offering scalability to adapt and expand marketplaces as businesses grow.

To learn more about Qobrix’s real estate marketplace solutions, visit www.qobrix.com

About Qobrix:

Qobrix is the leading provider of CRM solutions tailored to the real estate industry. With a powerful CRM system, customizable websites, Agent, Client, and VIP Portals, Qobrix offers a complete suite of tools to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences. Empowering real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and enterprises, Qobrix streamlines processes, captures leads, manages listings, and analyzes market trends.

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