Elipsport Sports Group, a leading supplier of electric treadmill in Vietnam, not only guarantees quality and service but also commits to the best selling price in the market. At Elipsport Sports Group will answer all questions from customers such as: which treadmill is good? Where to buy a treadmill? How to choose a machine? Take a look and see the reviews of products from Elipsport sports group at website: https://elipsport.vn/.


Choose to buy a treadmill that fits your budget

With a wide range of treadmill types from low cost, mid-range to premium, Elippsort has been meeting all customers’ desire for price.

  • Treadmill under 9 million: These are mid-range treadmills with stable quality. These product types often have compact designs, medium-sized carpets, and save space. This segment is suitable for a family of 2 – 4 users. The best-selling products currently priced at under 9 million are the versatile treadmill iLike iE04, iE02, ELIP Rosy, ELIP Aura…
  • Treadmill from 9 to 19 million: At this price, you will have more comfortable options for families of 2 – 6 users. This segment has a more modern design, wide and long rugs ensure a comfortable stride. Engine and proportion are also much higher. In addition, these models are integrated with many outstanding new features such as music playback via bluetooth, audio speakers, water tank storage, the ability to automatically oil, automatic ramp up,…. This is also the reason that this segment is chosen by customers to buy the most today. The best-selling products are the ELIP Bolt treadmill, ELIP Artermis, ELIP Avenger. Buy a smart treadmill at: May chay bo.

 Top selling electric treadmill ELIP

  • Treadmill over 20 million: the high-end segment for those who run regularly with high intensity or families with more than 6 members or treadmill for a dedicated gym. The products over 20 million selected to buy the most are the ELIP Mercury treadmill, ELIP Aurora, ELIP Primus.

In addition, Elippsort is implementing a 0% interest installment purchase program. Owning the machine right away without full cost preparation is being chosen by a series of customers.



With pioneering technology, outstanding quality, ELIP treadmills are the choice of many Vietnamese stars such as Miss Viet Nam Pham Huong, actress Luong The Thanh, Midu,… and a series of people throughout the province of Vietnam selected.

Miss Pham Huong shared: “In addition to a dense working schedule, Pham Huong always arranges free time at home to practice sports, both convenient and proactive while maintaining a slim body”. After trying many different treadmill types, the ELIP Sport Pro treadmill is her choice in keeping fit.

Actor Luong The Thanh chose the ELIP Transformer treadmill for Thuy Diem to practice at home after giving birth. The actor shared: “Regular jogging has helped Diem a lot in improving the anxiety of women after giving birth. Not only that, after a steady period of practice, Diem quickly regained her slim and toned body like when she was young ”.