Every employee once had his/her boss’ stories, and oftentimes, these stories are made of horror. Statistically speaking, a study shows that 64% of employees are unhappy at work – and their bosses appear largely to blame. In fact, 65% said a better boss would make them happier at work. However, things are different with Vuuzle Media Corp. Each employee considers their boss as the leader who encourages all employees to take their work up to the next level; the boss who makes everyone around them look better, the leader who shares his success with everyone. Having an idea who this person is? It’s Ronnie Flynn, the leader who everyone believes and loves, and the same person who a corrupt government employee throws stones at. We know the first sentence is a bit common to hear since his name is all over the internet. Ronnie Flynn is portrayed as a rising giant in innovating OTT streaming through his platform Vuuzle.TV. This innovation has received a prestigious award from Verizon, which is the Bland Blazer Award 2021. What makes people curious here is the second sentence.

Back to where it all started

Ronnie Flynn was born and reared in Los Angeles California, USA. Growing up, he has thrived much of his career in Indonesia and some parts of Asia. He now owns various entertainment corporations in Romania, Ireland, Italy, and the UK, where his wide array of business partners operate and raise capital investments in different businesses and entertainment. Ronnie Flynn’s career has spanned over 33 years in entertainment and business. Ronnie has immersed his self as an entertainer, actor, comedian, and music DJ across the globe. He has already raised capital of over a hundred million dollars intended for various ventures in entertainment and business, worldwide.

Road to success

Vuuzle Media Corp, through Vuuzle.TV platform, found a dependable frequency when it decided to integrate its OTT platform into Verizon Media. The platform used its patented cam slicer technology to create its own ads over free TV. It also used Verizon technology to skyrocket its efforts. This started the ventures of the company. As of the writing, the company has now ventured to a free music application, VUMU, an online shopping platform, Dubai Shopping Channel, its very own production studios, VUUZLE Studios in Dubai, and is cooking something bigger this 2021!

Along the Journey

Something to be thankful of: Along the journey of Ronnie Flynn, he has created a team and changed the lives of each member of it. He always passes the torch of wisdom to his employees, which embarked a purpose in their hearts. Vuuzle team’s mantra, “Together, we can” has always stayed. Ronnie Flynn also embraced pioneer shareholders as a family and believed them to be the company’s lucky charm. The company is blessed knowing that after 5 years of hard work, every year is going to harvest incredible profits and huge shareholder value. Something worth fighting for: The year 2021 has been a year of ups and downs with Vuuzle Media Corp Limited. Along with its announcement and opening of the newest Vuuzle Studios, devastating false allegations began to come out, just in the first month of this year. According to the allegations, Ronnie Flynn has used all shareholder’s money to his own, without developing the company as promised. Moreover, the allegation also cited that global offices and employees are non-existent. The employees felt unappreciated, as they worked hard for the company yet were declared nonexistent by a government sector that they should actually trust. Behind the allegations are also non-stop death threats and power-hungry actions that extended to some of Ronnie Flynn’s trusted circle. Ronnie Flynn received regular death threats on his personal email, which any person does not deserve. AUSA Jenifer Weir, the woman behind all false allegations, had turned a blind eye to these and instead, threatened a 73-year-old retired dentist Dr. Marchitto. Dr. Marchitto was given a choice of making up stories and testify to tarnish Flynn’s name and bring down the company, or just simply go to jail. The incompetence of AUSA Jenifer Weir has led to a traumatic experience for the founder, company, and all people involved.

Rising from small downfalls to bigger achievements

Because of the threats made by AUSA Weir to arrest Marchitto and Flynn, the directors opted to close the company down and pick themselves up and start a brand-new entity in OTT. Using a new proprietary model, the new Vuuzle Media Corp Limited, located offshore in Dubai, founder Ronnie Flynn began to search for the best law firms to help rebuild a new and better business. Vuuzle Media Corp Limited has been quietly rising from all of this. The company has focused on building the TV studios in Dubai and opening a new company, not in America or connected with the old company Vuuzle Media USA. The new company, also in OTT, is creating a media giant that will change the advertising system as we know it. Founder Flynn stated that the new company was waiting for its license to become a fully licensed Fintech company. Despite being attacked, founder Ronnie Flynn has continued the good work. He neither stoop down to the level of a corrupt government official nor stopped continuing his legacy. He still continues to be the boss every employee of Vuuzle Media Corp knows- the leader who encourages all employees to take their work up to the next level; the boss who makes everyone around them look better, the leader who shares his success with everyone. AUSA Jenifer Weir has underestimated her actions. She is not just hurting the company and founder, but also all employees involved. The employees’ trust, faith, and love for their leader will continue at the end and guarantees a hand-in-hand fight with Ronnie Flynn.

Written by Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Content Writer

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