Rowen Seibel is a passionate entrepreneur who started his career in business at a very young age. By 18, he had already built two successful startups. Currently, his career is focused in financing, real estate, hospitality, event planning, project development, and helping restaurant owners enhance their establishments. Seibel’s ability to create successful restaurant businesses comes from his own experience in the industry. Seibel has opened and managed a number of restaurants, spanning the entire globe. Seibel’s success comes from his ability to build strong, noticeable brands. Some of his branding success stories come from working with well-known companies such as Serendipity, Old Homestead, Caesars Palace Las Vegas/ Atlantic City, Paris Las Vegas, and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. He not only works with restaurants to build and execute successful branding strategies but also with professionals in the restaurant business. He has worked with celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Masaharu Morimoto.


Where Ideas Are Born

For the past few years, Rowen Seibel and his team have taken time to plan, explore, and develop ideas for future projects. Seibel states, “It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. I’m more than willing to put in as much time or more to ensure we have the necessary focus and dedication for all of our projects.”


Working Around the Globe

For Rowen, the world is his oyster. He has built his career domestically and internationally by traveling the world to help new restaurant owners finance, develop and license their restaurants. Some of the locations he has made his mark in so far are Las Vegas, New York, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Tokyo. Building brands globally has sharpened Seibel’s skills and given him the ability to build and improve brands in any location. At this point, there isn’t any project he couldn’t take on!


Effects of the Pandemic

The global pandemic has unfortunately resulted in more than 100,000 restaurants closing temporarily or permanently. This was a huge blow to the restaurant industry and was something that Seibel felt very passionately about. Thankfully, Seibel’s extensive experience in the industry has helped him to create long-lasting success for the restaurants he works with. Whether he is working with a struggling restaurant that needs help rebuilding a successful brand or a new restaurant that needs to create a successful brand from scratch, Seibel is up for the challenge!


What’s Next for This Ambitious Entrepreneur

Due to Seibel’s immense success, he must choose his next projects very carefully. Each project and deal are a different challenge and needs to be treated as such. Some of the important factors he takes into consideration when choosing his next venture are possible impacts on the community, the city and the world. Rowen is excited and ready to present his team’s next developments and hopes for positive feedback in return. He is working diligently to create top restaurant brands that impress and excite customers globally.  Visit Rowen Seibel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest