Sameer Kshirsagar has used his knowledge of the automotive industry and expertise in supply chain management to support Tesla’s mission to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”


Sameer Kshirsagar entered the automotive industry in 1996 right after obtaining his undergraduate degree in engineering at Virginia Tech. He subsequently earned two master’s degrees, an M.S. in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University and an M.B.A. from The Ohio State University.

He joined General Motors as a manufacturing engineer and gradually rose through the ranks with a broad array of experiences in manufacturing, quality, and vehicle engineering. In 1999, Kshirsagar (along with his cross-functional team) received the General Motors Chairman’s Honors Award for its role in driving product quality improvements.

His innovative spirit, coupled with his leadership skills and business acumen, resulted in his eventual promotion to the position of Operations Department Head at the GM plant in Lansing, Michigan, which received the 2004 J.D. Power’s Gold Plant Award. This opportunity allowed him to execute and teach both operational strategies and lean manufacturing processes at the company. Kshirsagar was later awarded the coveted 2008 S.A.E. Young Manufacturing Leadership Award in recognition of his significant accomplishments as a manufacturing leader with the potential for growth in the industry.

In 2011, Sameer Kshirsagar joined the team at Philips Electronics as the Lean Transformation Leader in San Marcos, Texas. Just as he had done at General Motors, Kshirsagar excelled and worked his way up, attaining the role of Supply Chain Department Head and making his foray into the field of supply chain management.

In 2015, Kshirsagar entered another new field—the field of self-driving cars—when he joined X Development’s (formerly known as Google [X]) manufacturing engineering team. There, Kshirsagar became a Global Supply Manager, supporting the company’s mission to make safe self-driving cars widely available.

Kshirsagar subsequently built a world-class team of innovators as the Head of Global Supply Chain and Business Operations at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He continued to make a positive impact on the self-driving car industry there while also enhancing his skills in numerous areas.

Sameer Kshirsagar has continued to flourish as a leader in the supply chain and operations space. He is now the Director of Global Supply Management and Optimization at Tesla. Kshirsagar joins an already deeply talented and driven supply chain organization in hopes of utilizing his 20+ years of experience in the automotive, consumer electronics, and high-tech industries to help drive this electric car company’s mission forward.