New York – February 16 – For all the glitz, glamour, and CGI, why did 72% of Super Bowl ads miss the mark in driving consumer action for their brands? And why did the average creative effectiveness for all ads dip to the lowest point in a decade? And why did so many ads score below norms for their own brand advertising for the year?

“Sure, 65% of Super Bowl ads were Likeable, but that is only one of 14 KPIs ABX measures to establish creative effectiveness against norms from 425,000+ ads tested globally,” said JJ Klein, Chairman and CEO of ABX Advertising Benchmark Index™. ABX is a leading ad effectiveness and consumer insights company with the largest multi-media syndicated research system in the world.

2024 Super Bowl TV ads should have been exceptional, given the largest audience since 2013, the record-setting spot costs, and the lowest levels of distraction from competing devices since 2022. But the average creative effectiveness score across all ads was only 97 against a norm of 105, as measured by the ABX Index™. The ABX Index is a composite of the most critical KPIs for measuring ad effectiveness and has been proven to correlate strongly with sales revenue and profits.


What Happened? What Can We Learn?

Delivering successful results for any type of CTA requires strong scores in Brand Awareness (advertiser is correctly identified), Messaging (conveying a clear benefit) and Reputation (a net-promoter type score). Since 72% of Super Bowl ads scored below norm for “Any Action,” opportunities were missed for Messaging (49% below norm), Brand Awareness (36% below norm), and Reputation (50% below norm).

Click here to see a deep analysis of, and learnings from, the Top Five Ads by “Any Action,” (Doritos Dynamita, Poppi, State Farm Insurance, Skechers and Dunkin,’ and the Bottom Five (Squarespace,,, Fanduel and DOORDASH).

About ABX: 

Advertising Benchmark Index, (ABX), is a leading ad effectiveness and consumer insights company with the largest global syndicated measurement solution, which evaluates ad creative effectiveness across all media types, competitors, countries, social sensitivities, demographic groups and more. The unique ABX Measurement Methodology ensures every ad across 14 KPIs and multitudes of variables are measured in the same way for accurate forecasts and correlations to revenues.

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