Shavon Bethel recently discussed the importance of having strong written communication skills.

Developed communication skills can advance numerous areas of your life and your career. Shavon Bethel is an avid reader and an excellent writer. He recently expressed the importance of effective written communication, whether for your professional career, your relationships, or other areas of life.

“Effective written communication skills can make certain areas of life more fulfilling and more successful,” Shavon Bethel explained. “These are vital life skills that should be a part of every education system.”

Shavon Bethel explained that poor communication skills can be detrimental to these same relationships, jobs, and life experiences. They can lead to serious frustration, misunderstandings, and ultimately, disastrous outcomes. 

“There are four parts of communication, including verbal communication, visual communication, non-verbal communication, and written communication,” Bethel added. “They’re all equally important in creating understanding and shared meaning, but here, I want to focus on the importance of written communication.”

Bethel explained that strong written communication skills are extremely valued in the workplace and job markets. Employers like to see that you can communicate effectively with people of different backgrounds, can work well with others, and can write concisely. They’ll also look for signs that you actively listen. Written communication in the workplace can take the form of writing concise and clear emails, whether those emails are sent within the workplace or to clients. It may also involve making effective social media posts, print advertisements, and more.

“Quality written communication skills can result in numerous professional benefits,” Shavon Bethel said. “You will become more valued in the workplace, your career may progress more quickly, and you’ll build a superior rapport with your customers.”

Bethel explained studies have shown that effective written communications have higher self-esteem and tend to make more money than those who are less skilled.

He finished by stating that you can advance your written communication skills in many ways. Taking the extra time to improve written communication abilities can greatly improve your career and your life. Bethel suggested writing important emails and letters early, so you have time to take a break and re-read them before sending them. He also stated that a simple grammar checker can greatly improve your written pieces, and help you make adjustments for future ones. You may even want a colleague or manager to look over emails and letters for feedback.

“There are countless in-person and online courses for those who want to improve their written communication skills,” Shavon Bethel stated. “Taking a business writing course can help advance your abilities as well as your position in the workplace.”