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2022 SPARK Matrix for Speech Analytics by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

1 April 2022: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has published a SPARK Matrix analysis of the global speech analytics market.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™: Speech Analytics includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading speech analytics vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix. It gives strategic information for users to evaluate different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

“The speech analytics vendors continue to strengthen their capabilities and leverage their emerging technology trends by – including automatic monitoring of real-time & historical voice conversations, embedding AI to understand and predict complex data sets and detecting silent time, vocal emotions, and overtalks. The speech analytics vendors are also making significant investments towards enhancing the business analysis and consumer interactions analysis capabilities in real-time, using natural language processing technology combined with AI/ML.” says An Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

Speech analytics provides transcribing of real-time and historic voice calls to provide searchable and actionable data. It also supervises agents when the situation needs to be escalated based on callers’ tone while identifying changes in their emotions. It utilizes speech recognition software to analyse and convert data from voice calls into a series of phonetic sounds. The results of the speech analytics provide indexed and searchable data that can be searched through query engine tools. Further, it also allows to view the performed analysis on a dashboard and generate relevant reports that help users drill down into filter results.

The research includes detailed competition analysis and vendor evaluation with the proprietary SPARK Matrix analysis. The SPARK Matrix includes ranking and positioning of the leading speech analytics vendors with a global impact, including – Almawave, Avaya, CallMiner, Chorus.ai, Clarabridge, Cogito, Dialpad, Genesys, Invoca, NICE Nexidia, OpenText, Plum Voice, Prodigal, Salesken, Talkdesk, Tethr, and Verint.

About Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global advisory and consulting firm focused on helping clients as a strategic knowledge partner in achieving business transformation goals with Strategic Business and Growth Advisory Services. Quadrant’s research and consulting deliverables are designed to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights for helping clients formulate growth strategies to survive and thrive in ever-changing business environments.

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