So you want to advance in the medical field, but you’re daunted by your options. Should you become a doctor, a nurse, a physician’s assistant, a nurse practitioner, or a technician of some sort? Perhaps you’re hesitant to commit to a long-term education track.

What if there were a way to jump headfirst into health care education, specializing in a particular area, gaining valuable experience, and becoming certified?

Stepping Stone Medical in Statesville, NC offers an array of health care training courses designed to give you immediate advanced exposure in a specific facet of the field.

A Diverse Range of Course Options

Health care is a rapidly growing sector, and there is an unmet need for capable individuals who understand safety, correct techniques, and patient assistance. Stepping Stone Medical fills this void by equipping people with the knowledge, skills, and preparation to immediately make an impact in health care. Courses include IV Therapy Training, Phlebotomy Technician, BLS/CPR, Medical Billing, and Coding, Medical Assistant, and Medical Administrative Assistant.

Stepping Stone Medical aims to bolster and brighten the health care field by helping break down barriers to entry for dedicated and interested individuals. Through the offered training courses, you can learn how to take patient vital signs, perform EKGs and draw blood from patients and donors. You can even master the different responses to choking and understand how to assign codes for diagnosis and procedures, among many other important skills. Highly qualified instructors and a comprehensive curriculum prepare students for success outside of the classroom.

Course Duration and Payment

Course duration ranges from one day to six months, and payment plans are offered with respect to course fees. All courses are nationally accredited and recognized in all 50 U.S. States.

At Stepping Stone Medical Statesville NC, students are encouraged to continue their studies and take multiple trainings. Each course enhances another, broadening students’ perspective of health care and helping clarify where in particular each student would like to grow. These courses truly are stepping stones to your future career in health care!

Invest in Your Future With Stepping Stone Medical

Stepping Stone Medical training courses are not just for those new to health care. Seasoned professionals looking to branch out, learn something new, or polish their abilities greatly benefit as well.

Whether you’re looking to start your journey in health care or further grow in an established career, Stepping Stone Medical in Statesville NC has the training courses designed to propel you forward, one step at a time.

Explore Stepping Stone Medical’s extensive range of course options or contact Stepping Stone Medical today to learn more about your education options.