During persistent lockdowns of fitness clubs and gyms, many people exercised or trained at home. While some used equipment they already had in their basements or home gyms, others went equipment free, choosing to exercise lightly until gyms reopened. Now, with restrictions all but lifted everywhere, gym owners find themselves in a fitness dilemma: How do they keep their tools and equipment clean, so they don’t infect or contaminate their members. The use of HOCL disinfectant, as part of any enhanced cleansing protocol, is the ideal way to get the best of both worlds!

A Challenging Race for Gym Owners

Unlike a bank ATM, or the self-checkout machines at grocery stores, it’s especially challenging to disinfect and sanitize the equipment used by gym users. And here’s why:

– Gym owners typically have a finite number of bench presses, power racks, press machines and treadmills. Unlike manual check out, or using a human teller, gyms have no option other than the use of those machines. To make the most effective use of them, it’s vital that cleaning crews quickly disinfect and cleanse every equipment after each use.  The use of fast-acting hypochlorous acid products delivers that speed and efficacy


– Typically (though not always!), a person going grocery shopping, or walking into a bank branch isn’t sweating, puffing, and panting all over the equipment in front of them. However, that’s the “typical” case with gym equipment users. This creates greater opportunity for bacterial spores and viruses to not only descend on the equipment; but to also transfer onto the next user. This makes the gym a prime beneficiary of more effective cleansing protocols   

There are other tools and equipment used in a gym, that come into personal touch with every use. Items such as dumbbells, resistance bands, training mats, watt bikes, rowing machines, and personal screens, are highly susceptible as virus transmitters when not cleansed and sanitized after each use. In a small-sized gym, with 8 to 10 such pieces, it might be easy to use off-the-shelf cleansing sheets or wet wipes. However, without the right HOCL disinfectant, enhanced safety becomes a tight race for a gym with hundreds of visitors a day.  

Inhouse Convenience

Thanks to revolutionary cleansing and disinfectant producing technology, gym owners have an amazingly cost-effective solution to their health and safety challenges. Sure, they could buy commercial disinfectant products in bulk, and save a few dollars on the purchase of hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer or disinfectant towels. However:

– There are logistics issues: It costs to order, receive, and store those products in-house. And, if you run low at a critical time, you’ll scramble to restock, and pay higher premium prices

– Many of those products have limited shelf lives. If you don’t use them before then, it’s a waste of money

Today, gym owners can buy and install machines, that produce highly-efficacious hypochlorous acid products, inhouse. HOCL, which is also called electrolyzed water, can be produced in-house, in unlimited quantities. There’s no elaborate civil or mechanical engineering pre-work to install these machines. 


Best of all, there’s no reordering, and no worrying about restocking and storage. HOCL can be produced on-demand with in-house HOCL-makers. And a hand-held fogger can be used to quickly apply and distribute the product.