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New Novel Features Compassionate, Close Sisters with a Surprise Ending


Pittsburgh, Pa.—Author Cori Wamsley asks us to listen, remember who we are, and make brave choices in her newest novel, Braving the Shore. Released in June of 2022, Wamsley’s ninth book requires the characters to dig deep and rediscover who they truly are meant to be. When twin sisters reunite for a birthday celebration, an unexpected detour upends their worlds, encouraging one of them to lean in and reassess her life.

Worldly Jocelyn, one of the sisters, has just returned to the island of her youth, where her sister Chelsea has remained, building a home, business, and family. But Chelsea is in for a surprise adventure as she must navigate memory loss and the challenges of returning to life as a mother and business owner. Jocelyn is recovering from her injuries in the hospital and is unable to assist her sister during this tough time.

As Chelsea struggles, her challenge begs the question, “Is forgetting everything really a chance for a fresh start?” She’s tempted more than once to scrap the struggles in front of her and start over with just her daughter and her heart’s desires.

“Discovering your life’s path can be a huge challenge for most people,” Wamsley said, “and sadly, many of us need our lives to be shaken up before we recognize our true gifts and understand that we really can live our dreams without the burnout, stress, and longing that we see so often among our peers.”

This is the bigger message of the novel, as Wamsley herself went through a huge challenge that helped her unearth her talents as a writing coach and publisher, starting her own business when her family was still young.

“Braving the Shore allowed me to explore the themes that have become central to my life and what I teach my children,” she continued. “I was able to walk the footsteps of other women who longed for more and see how they handled the change with all the teachings and preparation that I had. It is a beautiful journey for Chelsea and Jocelyn.”

Life coach Merilee Smith reviewed the book, stating, “Far too often we go through life on autopilot, just going through the motions. We react to and run from our struggles. When this happens, we miss out on the life-changing opportunities to learn, grow, and live life to our fullest as our highest selves. We miss the signs that tell us to wake up and make a change so we can live a happy life full of peace, purpose, and passion. I deeply appreciate the story of Braving the Shore and how Cori Wamsley so brilliantly highlights the journey of the human spirit in such a creative and intriguing way.”

Those who enjoy Barbara O’Neal’s work such as When We Believed in Mermaids or the beautiful descriptive writing of Anita Hughes that transports you to new worlds would enjoy Wamsley’s Braving the Shore.

Braving the Shore is available in paperback or eBook anywhere books are sold. Online, find it at BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com. For more about author Cori Wamsley, please visit www.auroracorialispublishing.com.

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