Carpet cleaning is very difficult yet important because the stains make the carpet look very bad and disturb the appearance of the room where it is placed. However, when you are using traditional ways, the carpets take a lot of time for drying. Wet carpets may spread mildew and moisture; therefore, it is important to dry them quickly. We are going to share some tips for wet carpet drying in this article.

Remove the moisture from the carpet

If you want fast wet carpet drying, the first thing is to stop the water from flowing into the problematic area. The best way is to use a wet vacuum to remove the water or moisture from the carpet. Wet vacuums are very effective and inexpensive as well; you can rent one or use reliable wet carpet drying services that have this equipment.

Check the furniture

If there are fixtures and furniture in the room, check whether moisture is impacting these items. Some of these items could be removed or dried but some may need special care like the upholstery furniture. If some items are severely impacted, then you may need to dispose of them.

Create Airflow

The airflow can help dry the wet area in the room; it would clear the moisture and the odor from the room. You can turn on the fans, open the windows in the room, or put fans on the floor, which can help dry the wet things. The professional drying companies are using high power fans, which are considered best for these jobs. However, little airflow is also helpful but takes more time to dry the carpets. You can also use a dehumidifier for removing moisture from the room.

Carpet padding

The water in most of the cases saturates the carpet; therefore, the padding of the carpet is gone. You should replace it to prevent the carpet from becoming saturated from the mold.

Steam clean the carpets

The water in the carpets is soaked when you are using traditional cleaning; the water sometimes takes days to evaporate. Therefore, you should look for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning needs special equipment which is not available at home, therefore find the professional services. If the wet carpets are steam cleaned, it will remove all deodorizes and the toxins from it. You should use a professional service for steam cleaning the carpets. Steam has a high temperature, which can kill all the toxins from the carpets and sucks all the dead spores of the mold from the carpets.

Baking soda

Wet carpet drying is a complex process, and you can try baking soda as well. All you need is to sprinkle the baking soda over the wet carpet and allow it to settle for at least 30 minutes. Once the moisture is removed from it, you can vacuum it and enjoy the fresh carpets.

Sanitize all surfaces

If you want to prevent the spread of the mildew and the mold, clean the surfaces in the room. You should scrub all the walls and baseboards to remove the remainder of the water and mildew from the room.

Let the water drip

Wet carpet drying is also possible by dripping the water from it. If the carpets are soggy, you should let the water drip from it. You should hang the carpets on the low walls so that the water can drop off from it.

Use thick cloth

You can also use thick cloth for removing the excess water from the carpet by soaking it. Press the cloth firmly in these carpets to soak up the excess water from it. You should repeat the process until no more water is left in the carpet.

You can use solar heat

If it is a sunny and hot day, you can use solar heat to dry the carpet. Take the carpet outside and hang it on any elevated surface.

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Cleaning carpets at home is not easy. Most of the moisture stays in the carpets; therefore, wet carpet drying sometimes needs professional care. Some tips are also discussed, which can help you dry them at home.