The Trademark Place Lists 3 Things That Are Common Trademarks

When you begin using a symbol, design, word or phrase to refer to your product or services, you become a trademark owner. However, your associated rights even as an owner are limited. Your rights are valid only in the immediate area where you do business. For nationwide rights that are more powerful, you need to register your trademark. The Trademark Place, an experienced legal firm specializing in trademarks, says there are three elements that are commonly registered.

An Explanation of Trademarks

Before delving into details, however, The Trademark Place says a basic understanding of trademarks helps you make informed choices and ask the right questions. Trademarks identify your company, whether you sell services or goods. The legal term “trademark” refers to both a trademark for items and a service mark for services.

The purposes of trademarks include:

  • Helping you protect your company from fraud and imitations
  • Distinguishing the source of your goods or services
  • Securing your company’s brand identification legally

Trademarks do not give you the exclusive rights or ownership of a particular phrase or word, but they do protect how a phrase or word is used in relation to your company and brand.

Trademarks also help you create a public persona for your company, and they make it easier for customers to remember you. The Trademark Place, which focuses on offering affordable yet expert legal guidance and assistance with all phases of acquiring and registering trademarks, says trademarks unique to your company make a more lasting impression than do general designs or words and images that simply describe your business.

Common Trademark Elements

As a business trying to distinguish yourself from competitors, The Trademark Place notes it is important for you to know some of the most effective and thus most common elements that are registered as trademarks. Before trying to register your trademark, first search existing trademarks and variations. Choosing the same trademark as another business can cause your application to be rejected. Here are three popular registered trademark elements.


A name describing your business’ purpose is an important identifier. Results may be even better if the name is creative but understandably descriptive. Working with legal advisers experienced with trademarks can help make this process easier.


A logo is an important identifier for your business and brand. Claiming a design and even a color scheme is a wise business move.


Using a particular catch phrase is an effective way to present your company’s personality and create a lasting impression in customers’ minds. In fact, The Trademark Place says the public may remember your catch phrase first.

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