A couples wedding day is full of emotion and the creation of new memories and milestones. A wedding photographer’s responsibility in documenting these memories is a contract of trust and capability. We have compiled five of the most helpful tips for amateur photographers interested in pursuing the rewards of wedding photography.

#1. Assist a Professional Photographer

The most valuable experience you can gain in the industry is found by assisting seasoned professionals. The first step is offering your services and remember, assisting is not working as a second shooter, it is helping the photographer with their needs. Try to work with multiple photographers while gaining knowledge and keep a log of questions to ask the photographer during his downtime or after the wedding concludes.

#2. Create a Preparation and Backup Plan

Preparation is key to a successful wedding shoot. If at all possible, attend the rehearsal where much of the information needed will be available. Thomas Baskind Photography makes sure to grab an itinerary and scout the location before the day of the wedding for lighting and ideas of where to position for the best shots. Some venues such as churches do not allow the use of a flash inside, so please remember to check with the administration for approval to use a flash indoors. Packing a second camera and a couple of extra charged batteries can be a lifesaver if you find yourself with a drained battery or lifeless camera. In preparation for your first wedding, learn as much as you can about the different lighting types, and experiment with them well before the big day.

#3. Prepare a list of shots with the couple

The list of desired shots is an important detail that should not be overlooked. The options are endless, offering a prepared agenda, including the wedding details, the wedding party, family, and other guests. The couple can approve the prepared list and add any shots not included.

#4. Capturing the First Moments

The memories of the “first moments” as a married couple are sacred and an essential part of wedding photography.  how to position these shots if you are unfamiliar or new to wedding photography. These shots should be part of the prepared list and include the first look, the first kiss, the first dance as a married couple, and cake cutting as a few examples of the firsts moments to be captured.

#5. Continuous Shooting Mode

The continuous shooting mode or “burst mode” is an excellent tool for weddings as you can take multiple shots in seconds. Some of the best images are captured immediately after the first shot. Why? The parties relax, and the facial expressions become natural resulting in beautiful candid images.
Remember, have fun, and celebrate the couple’s day. A happy and enthusiastic photographer creates a more relaxing atmosphere, and that is the best environment to capture the couples beginning shared with friends and family.