When you’re playing online slots, you always want to be playing something that entertains, is good to look at, and offers you a fair chance of winning at least your money back, if not a nice bonus on top. What you don’t want to do is spend your limited gaming time searching for that game, especially if you really do only have a small timeframe in which to play.

There are thousands of games that meet at least some of these requirements, but which ones are the top rated to play online at paybymobilecasino.com? Read on to find out. 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a game by Microgaming, and it has made quite the name for itself over recent years. It’s a progressive jackpot, so it might not be to everyone’s taste, but for those who like a little competition and who want the chance of winning a life changing sum of money, it’s absolutely perfect. The largest jackpot this game ever paid out was £13 million, but just because it doesn’t offer that sum of money all the time doesn’t mean you’ll want to walk away – in fact, the average jackpot is won every 122 days or so (this is not an accurate science) and it’s about £2 million each time. Now isn’t that worth playing for? 

You can win this grand prize through the bonus game which is randomly triggered as you play, so each game is going to be different, and the thrill of never knowing what it is you’re getting is all part of the fun. 

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is another progressive jackpot, this time by NetEnt. What’s intriguing about this one is that it holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest jackpot ever paid out, which was £15,143,600. It’s no wonder that this game is so popular, with people flocking to play it whenever they can. Of course, this one off jackpot really was unusual, but with an average jackpot of just over £4 million, it’s still a nice game to play if you’ve ever dreamed of being a millionaire. Since it tends to pay out around every 70 days or so, you also have more chance of winning than most other progressive slots – you just have to time it right. 

Beach Life

Beach Life by Playtech offers players a glimpse into the sunny, sumptuous world of the continuous holiday, something we could all do with more of, especially right now when the world has been thrown into chaos. 

The biggest jackpot this game ever paid was small compared to some of the others at just under £5.5 million, but we’re sure the winner wasn’t upset about it! On average, it’s a jackpot of about £2.25 million, and that comes about every 165 days or so. 

It’s fun to play slots that give you a chance to daydream about other lives and what you could be doing if you won the money, and this is one of the reasons why Beach Life is popular. Everyone has a love of the beach, after all.