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Introducing TrafficAccidents.com – a website that provides information to consumers who have been injured in a car accident and can connect them with attorneys ready and willing to help them get the fair compensation they need for property damage, injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. For attorneys facing an increasingly competitive and expensive marketing landscape, the website helps them scale their business with potential clients in need at a predictable price point.

United States, July 2022 — As more people return to the office and take more summer road trips, there are more cars on the road than there have been in years. More cars means more accidents and more consumers in need of a trustworthy resource to help them find the information and legal help they desperately need. TrafficAccidents.com provides information and resources about what consumers should be aware of after they have been in an accident and been injured. For attorneys, the competition for traffic accident cases has never been higher — escalating paid advertising costs combined with the drop in demand for accident attorneys during the pandemic means lawyers are fighting a feeding frenzy to connect with potential clients in need of an accident attorney. TrafficAccidents.com bridges that gap between consumers in need of guidance and lawyers ready to help them.

Advertising Has Become So Expensive, Even Lawyers Can’t Afford it: Is There an Alternative?

For years, it has been well-known that the most expensive advertising online has been for personal injury attorneys. Annual lists of the most expensive ad “clicks” consistently contain a cornucopia of car accident queries. Take that same market of lawyers, already used to the high cost of advertising, and make them even hungrier for leads by removing most of the drivers from the road for the better part of two years. What do you get? Even higher advertising costs.

Outside of the largest and most well-funded personal injury law firms, it is difficult for your everyday firm to keep up with these costs and still turn a profit. Most of these firms are looking for an edge in the advertising space — an unconquered frontier, an overlooked ad network that nobody else is using, but the truth is that there is no untapped marketing channel right now. Instead, lawyers in need of leads should connect with a company that prioritizes generating quality connections with potential clients through the use of educational materials and quality content — rather than tricks, clever ads, or simply outbidding lawyers on paid clicks.

While building their own marketing machines is an imperative long game for firms, most firms need leads now, rather than in a couple of years when their marketing teams have built up enough of an online presence to generate leads for themselves.

The fundamental question is this: would lawyers rather focus on practicing law and winning trials or spend hours on countless meetings about “content strategy” and “paid search campaigns”?

Meet TrafficAccidents.com

TrafficAccidents.com is a resource that serves both consumers and attorneys alike. It provides educational materials to consumers who have been injured in an accident. And when they are ready, TrafficAccidents.com helps them to connect with an attorney who is ready to help them pursue their claims.

For attorneys, connecting with potential clients through TrafficAccidents.com is a great way to connect with leads who are actually qualified and interested in the services you can provide. While marketing strategies can be fraught with guesswork, excuses for nonperformance, and ever escalating costs on the largest ad networks, working with a quality lead provider means fixed, predictable costs and actual clients and cases.

For a consumers in crisis, a car accident disturbs every aspect of their life – from their ability to work, to their ability to get their kids to school, to their own physical and mental health. The stress of fighting over hospital bills, car repair bills, and battling with insurance companies who want to shift the blame where it does not belong can take a toll on people – a toll that can’t be measured in the hours they spend fighting or the dollars they spent to get their lives back to normal. They need advice now and TrafficAccidents.com provides that.

After the consumer has reviewed the guides and information on the website and has made the decision to consult with an attorney, the website matches the consumer to an experienced lawyer through the contact form or by calling (833) 709-0336. Once matched, the consumer can discuss with the attorney the option for their claim and maximize the compensation they will receive for their injuries, property damage, and lost wages. The attorney can discuss time limits, best procedures for tracking expenses and bills, and what relief may be available for pain and suffering or lost lives.

Finding a lawyer you can trust is extremely difficult. Consumers looking online are bombarded with ads for the most well-funded firms, but not necessarily the best firms that will know them as human beings and fight for their families. Rather than sift through online reviews and countless marketing websites, consumers who take advantage of the free guides and resources on the TrafficAccidents.com are only a few seconds away from connecting with an attorney who can help, the moment they are ready to make that step.

A Win-Win For Clients and Attorneys

The TrafficAccidents.com network was designed to be a win-win for consumers and attorneys alike: consumers can walk away with the confidence of knowing that they have been matched to an experienced attorney that can get them through this painful and stressful time, and the attorney can focus more on practicing law and less on marketing tactics and return on ad spend.

Consumers and members of the legal community can get the “best of both worlds” at TrafficAccidents.com. The website provides a plethora of free informative tools for customers, including an enormous library of Frequently Asked Questions, articles, blogs, and other materials that serve as a general overview on what consumers need to know when they have been in a severe car accident and need to secure compensation for their property and personal injuries. Most importantly, already-stressed accident victims simply have to fill out a short form in order to be matched with qualified legal counsel in their area. The matching tool gives attorneys another way to meet new potential clients, allowing them to expand their legal practice and help more people fight back against greedy insurance companies that wrongfully deny car accident claims.

To learn more, visit TrafficAccidents.com today.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that TrafficAccidents.com is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any government entity or agency. It is an informational resource to the general public.

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