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  • The Chamber will assist U.S. Employers to understand the staffing needs and the methods necessary to recruit and retain qualified international employees next May 7-8, 2022 in Bogota and May 13-14, 2022 Tegucigalpa

  • The Chamber assist U.S Employers to understand U.S. law requires, verify an employee’s eligibility to work.

  • The Summit expecting more than 300 top qualified candidate to applied for positions in the construction, hospitality, health, food & beverage, logistic-transportation high-tech and light manufacturing sectors.

  • The Chamber enables U.S Employers to hire employees quickly, compliantly, and regulations with the United States Immigration and Citizenship.


MIAMI, April 18, 2022 —The U.S. Minority Chamber launches its USA JOBS BOGOTA & TEGUCIGALPA. The exclusive event takes place at the most famous and classic, Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bogota, Colombia and Grand Hyatt Tegucigalpa Honduras. The highly-anticipated international USA JOBS features representation by U.S. Employers that provide continued international employment opportunities for Colombians and Hondurans.

Through the initiative, the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce is advocating for—and rallying the business community to take advantage of more than 40, 000 visas able for skill foreign talented people from Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia that will help American Employers for in-demand jobs. The Chamber is expanding its most impactful employer-led international workforce and launching new efforts to connect employers to undiscovered talent from Colombia and one of the lovely country in central America, Honduras.

Connecting Colombian and Hondurans very talented people will be an extraordinary solution for U.S. employers; the pandemic was hugely disruptive to the labor market in the United States where the unemployment rate skyrocketed to 3.4% in March 2022, enormous ripple effect in our businesses communities and for the economy in general,” says U.S. MCC Founder & CEO Doug Mayorga. “Without any doubt, the worker shortage is real—and it’s getting worse by the day. Minority businesses of every size, across every industry, in every state are reporting unprecedented challenges filling open jobs. The worker shortage is a national economic emergency, and it poses an imminent threat to our fragile recovery and America’s great resurgence.”

About the U.S. Will Survive International Jobs Initiatives: Dedicated to facilitate Members, partners and clients participating to launch international employments for skilled workers, and multilingual people just entering the workforce in the United States as H2B Visa – including professionals. In addition, the initiative aims to expanding employer-led international workforce to help more businesses develop the talent they need. The Summit will start in Bogota next May 7-8 and continue to Tegucigalpa next May 13-14, 2022.

About U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce: The mission of the Chamber is designed to help USMCC-member employers, partners, and clients to find international employees; and to help U.S. Employers to do all steps about employment-based nonimmigrant visas require employer sponsorship and other particularly details where the chamber can be involved. Also, provide to the employer, on behalf of the prospective employee, files for a specific type of nonimmigrant visa with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

In some circumstances, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) approval is also required to demonstrate that the foreign national will not displace U.S. workers. Upon approval by the USCIS, the foreign national either is granted change of status if lawfully in the U.S. or may obtain the visa at a U.S. embassy. Also, we prepare background ck, traveling, hospitality, health test and other compliances available. For more information: www.minoritychamber.net

For information:

Maria Loaisiga /

786-406-2190 / director@minoritychamber.net


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