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The frozen food industry has a significant growth in the US frozen food market, because today many people don’t have much time or can’t spend much time for cooking or don’t have the basic cooking skills. The market of these products is also influenced by the socioeconomic changes and technological developments. The major advantage of these products can be the freezing preservation, which is convenient and easy for storing a for long time with minimal impacts on the food. Apart from other preservation techniques, the freezing technique affects the quality of the food products. However, the new advanced freezing technology can reduce the impact of freezing on food quality and its nutrition.The Frozen foods are stored at temperature around ?18°C, this is the standard temperature for food preservation.

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The frozen fruits & vegetables are usually frozen within few hours after picking them up from the ground and when thawed, the products are very close to the fresh taste and texture. These frozen foods are significantly rising its heights in the American households. The frozen foods are easy to cook by frying or heating them in a microwave for less than 5 minutes. The frozen vegetables are considered to be an affordable and convenient alternative against fresh vegetables. These have a long shelf life and are usually cheaper and easily prepared.

The frozen meats products are stored through the sublimation process. In this process the water turns its solid state that is ice, into its gas state without being present in the liquid state. However, as a result of this process, the macromolecules within the outer layers of the frozen meat. This changes their configuration and the proteins are denatured during this process. All these type of frozen food products have been gaining huge profits in US frozen food market.

According to the report published by Actual Market Research title as “US Frozen Food Market Outlook, 2025”, this market is anticipated to cross the market size of USD 50 Billion by the end of the forecasted period. By product the market is segmented into Frozen Fruits & vegetables, Frozen Potato products, Frozen Ready Meals, Frozen Fish & Seafood and Frozen Meat & Poultry. Among these all-frozen food products, the market is highly dominated by the Frozen Meat & Poultry products. As per this report by the forecasted year 2025, the Frozen Fish & Seafood products will rise its growth with the highest CAGR in the frozen food market.

Recently frozen foods have become an excellent option for the consumers who have limited cooking skills or no cooking skills at all. The foods come in pre-cut, pre-washed and in frozen form, this has also increased the shelf life of the food products. These benefits are rising the demand for frozen foods in the US frozen food market. The trending frozen food products in the market are the frozen Meat & Poultry products, followed by other frozen products.

Key Players
1. Kellogg NA Co.
2. Nestle S.A.
3. Tyson Foods, Inc.
4. The Kraft Heinz Co.
5. General Mills Inc.
6. JBS S.A.
7. Kerry Group
8. ConAgra Brands, Inc.
9. Nomad Foods
10. McCain Foods Limited
11. Flowers Foods
12. Rich Products Corporation
13. Conagra Brands
14. Maple Leaf Foods

Table Of Content

1. Executive Summery
2. Report Methodology
3. Market Structure
3.1. Market Considerate
3.2. Market Definition
4. US Economic/Demographics Snapshot
5. Global Frozen Food Market Outlook
5.1. Market Size By Value
5.2. Market Share
5.2.1. By Company
5.2.2. By Freezing Technique
5.2.3. By End User
5.2.4. By Sales Channels

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