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YouTube Series Makes Case for Free, Easy-to-Understand Legal Information.

Dallas, TX. – BookLawyer, a free legal information site for people and small businesses, recently launched a YouTube series dedicated to helping people understand common legal issues they face when starting a business, protecting their assets in a marriage or divorce, securing child custody or support, or navigating other life-changing events. The new video series provides people with easy-to-understand explanations of everyday legal issues—narrowing the gap between the information that is freely available to the public and expensive legal advice that can also be difficult and time-consuming to access.

BookLawyer’s Founder, Neal Nagely, spent ten years practicing law in Dallas before creating BookLawyer to help solve the access to justice crisis or justice gap—as demonstrated by a legal system in which the civil (non-criminal) legal needs of 80-86% of middle-to-low-income persons are not being met. Recent statistics show that 74% of low-income households experienced at least one civil legal issue in the past year. And 80-90% of family law cases in courts nationwide include at least one self-represented party.

“At BookLawyer, we want to make the benefits of the law and our legal system accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Nagely when asked about the impact he hopes to create with BookLawyer. “Even the YouTube series is about increasing access to legal information and affordable legal services.”

From auto accidents and bankruptcy questions to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about divorce and identity theft, BookLawyer serves as a reliable resource for any legal question a person may have. And if a person needs to find a lawyer in their state, city, or town with expertise in a certain area of law, they can use BookLawyer’s Find a Lawyer tool to identify such a lawyer on the site—or post an anonymous question asking for information on what kind of lawyer they may want to hire.

By providing people and small businesses with a single source for reliable, free legal information, BookLawyer simultaneously gives attorneys the opportunity to increase the reach of their brand by connecting with those potential clients on the BookLawyer site. For example, attorneys who work in small law firms and struggle to find the time and money to effectively market their services can reach potential clients on BookLawyer at no cost by answering questions, publishing short articles, and publishing informative video content.

Nagely explained that “with BookLawyer, a lawyer who has some experience and is seeking greater flexibility in her work schedule can open her own law firm or legal consulting practice and market it from the comfort of her home.”

Statistics show that nearly 9 in 10 people do not seek answers to legal problems when necessary. And 40% of businesses do not reach out to an attorney to answer questions related to contracts, employment law, debt collection, insurance, and other legal matters that can determine whether a company survives and flourishes or fails. Although the need for legal help continues to grow, so do the billing rates of attorneys—making legal advice a double-edged sword for many people that need help.

True to the company’s commitment to increasing access to the law—especially for middle-income and low-income people and small businesses—BookLawyer is developing additional information tools and services that will make quality legal advice affordable for all.

“At BookLawyer, we’re passionate about making the law accessible to all in a meaningful way,” Nagely said. “Because whether you consider yourself rich or poor, or somewhere in between, some of life’s most important decisions are legal decisions.”

About BookLawyer:

BookLawyer, based in Dallas, Texas, is a free legal information site that helps people get answers to their legal questions—and find the right lawyer when necessary.

For more information, please visit http://www.booklawyer.com



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