11111111111111111111 1 Cinema has become an integral part of our lives because watching a feature or documentary film is one of the most common types of recreation. And in fact, some films can entertain, others – to transfer to the past or send into space, enriching the viewer with useful information. On the popular streaming platform Vuuzle.TV there are movies for every taste and for any purpose. Also, the library of the OTT service is constantly updated with movies, because the film industry is constantly evolving and every moment surprises with something new. Quality content on Vuuzle.TV can change a person’s perception and attitude to reality, see a problem and change the reality around them. There are films that aim not just to convey information to the viewer, but to involve him in solving a problem. That is, some films can become a tool for understanding, responding to an existing social problem. 222222222222222 So look for a movie on  Vuuzle.TV that aims to draw attention to current social issues that are not yet discussed in society, taboo or insufficiently studied and covered.

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What is this movie about? Documentary The Greatest Sales Trainer in The World Zig Ziglar Helped Millions. This is his story in the words of many whom he helped to be successful.

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What is this movie about? Drama A financial crisis and life’s misfortune test a bond between a father and his daughter, Arielle. In desperation to save him from ruin, Arielle secretly enters the world of Vegas’ erotic dancing.

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What is this movie about? Drama / Crime / Thriller One young man’s journey into London’s criminal underworld.

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What is this movie about? Biography / Drama This exciting film is based on the compelling Biblical story of Queen Esther, the young Jewish woman who God raised up to become Queen of Persia, the only one who could save her people from annihilation.

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What is this movie about? Drama / Family Tapestry is the story of a man in the midst of a heavy personal and spiritual crisis. Aided by his father, and his family, he embarks on a personal journey that will forever change him.

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Author: Ivanna Samotei // Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist at Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

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