Recently, a new millennial women and money survey came out. It showed some of the financial habits of Millennial women.

Millennials are the generation of individuals who were born between 1981 and 1996. The oldest of this group are in their early 40s right now, while the youngest are in their mid-twenties.

Many of the women in the survey expressed an interest in saving more money since some were finding that challenging. We’ll talk about ways that Millennial women can save money in the following article.

1. Cut Back on Services and Apps

One way that Millennial women can save money this year is by cutting back on the unnecessary services and apps for which they’re paying. For instance, maybe you have multiple streaming services, such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. Do you need all of them? Perhaps you can reduce the number you have.

You can also remove any apps from your phone that require you to spend money on them. Freemium games are a prime example of this.

They may seem like they’re free to play, but you can also spend small amounts of money on them to give you an advantage in the game. Eliminating them should stop you from micro-paying and draining your savings.

2. Buy New Things During Sales

Millennial women who want new things, like clothing, should wait until times of the year when they’re on sale. For instance, you might wait till the day after Thanksgiving to shop at Old Navy since they always have a 50% off everything in the store Black Friday sale.

Sephora usually has savings events in the fall and spring. Nordstrom has their anniversary sale in mid-July. If you wait for those sales, you can save quite a bit of money.

3. Watch for Coupons

You can sometimes find coupons for the things you most want. Before you make any purchases, hunt around online and see if you can find a coupon. There are coupon sites you can look through, and you can also enable browser add-ons that automatically add any applicable coupons if you’re doing online shopping.

4. Reduce Your Food Bill

Some Millennial women like using delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. These services can cost double what you’d pay for the same meal if you picked it up at the restaurant, though.

You can also order out less and make meals with groceries you buy at the store. If you can master some simple, tasty meals, you can save hundreds or even thousands every year that you’d otherwise spend on takeout and delivered meals.

Millennial Women Can Save Money with These Tips

Millennial women can save money in 2023 if they follow the tips we’ve mentioned. You can save on your food budget if you seldom order from GrubHub, DoorDash, and similar services. You can pick up the food yourself and save cash. Better yet, you can make meals yourself with inexpensive ingredients from the store.

If you’re going to buy new clothing this year, make sure you only do so when the stores you like have their biggest sales. Research each store and see when they mark down their merchandise. They might do it around Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some other time.

You can eliminate streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ that you don’t watch as much anymore. You can also get rid of any freemium games on your phone that want you to micropay when you play them.

You should also watch for coupons on the brands you buy. Before you make any major purchase, look online. Pay special attention to coupon sites and browser add-ons that instantly reveal any coupons when you reach a store’s checkout page.

These tips should help Millennial women save some serious money in 2023.

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