The gravityless massage chairs are constantly making headlines in the body massage chair market. Why is it so welcome? This is sure to also learn and own this chair right away. But before deciding to buy this chair, you should consult about it in advance to avoid a wild situation when using it. Not long, just take a few minutes to read this article and you will be equipped with relevant knowledge right away. Together with Elipsport Sports Group we learn about this full body massage chair!

1. What is Zero Gravity massage chair definition?

1.1. What is a massage chair?

The massage chair is a versatile home health care device. It is a combination of many different types of massage machines such as: head, shoulder, nape and neck massage machines; back and stomach massage machine; hand and foot massage machine, … and other machines, designed in the form of a chair. The seat includes outstanding features, which is the perfect combination between the roller and the massage of the airbags, giving the user a sense of relaxation, wellness, muscle aches, fatigue reduction and increasing blood circulation, contributing to health improvement, improving quality of life. You can find products at: Ghe massage toan than.

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1.2. What is Zero Gravity?

Depending on the type of massage chair, there will be designs in many different shapes plus many outstanding features such as: increasing the massage range with rollers and airbags being arranged more, larger area, .. Especially the zero gravity massage feature (also known as Zero Gravity) for an extremely comfortable back area, … So what is a Zero Gravity massage chair?

Considered a major breakthrough in the body massage industry, the zero gravity massage chair is a technology developed based on the fact that astronauts while on spacecraft supported by NASA are against the earth’s gravity. The elite NASA scientists have found the law that makes us resist that great attraction when performing the reclining posture, raising the legs to create an angle of 120 to 130 degrees between the abdomen and thighs. This great discovery has helped massage chairs to have an outstanding feature provided to the user, contributing to a more comfortable and healthy life.

Do not confuse zero gravity massage chairs with other massage chairs. In fact, this massage chair still includes the basic or advanced features that other massage chairs have. It’s just that in some types of high-end seats there will be this extra feature.

When using this mode, the seat will allow the user to recline, the back and legs of the chair will create a certain tilt to create a simulated posture as being in space. At this time, the system of rollers and airbags will hug the body while performing the massage function while playing a supporting role for the body.

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2. What is the speciality of a zero gravity massage chair – Zero Gravity?

The special thing that makes these chairs “hot” is the comfort and relaxation effect that it brings. More clearly, when you lie in a position of zero gravity, your body will be completely relaxed, combined with movements of massage, punching, warming, … from other functions will make you have a feeling of soaring, surprisingly comfortable. For those who are really tired, sleepless, … this function will be a great “savior” for you. It can be understood that the lying position is always more comfortable than when sitting normally, so this massage will achieve absolute results.

This is a new technology and it costs a lot to implement, so these chairs will certainly be more expensive than conventional massage chairs. However, the price depends a lot on the brand, the material, the style, the features included, … you should consider before deciding to buy. But the effectiveness of this chair really makes you admire it.

3. Excellent uses that zero gravity massage chair – Zero Gravity brings

3.1. Relieves pressure on the spine

With zero gravity technology, our body will be fully embraced, this helps to fix the spine correctly, reduces the compression force on the spine and vertebrae significantly, giving you a sense of relaxation, refresh, and pain will be relieved gradually.

3.2. Increases blood circulation to the brain, effectively reducing stress

In the position of zero gravity, the legs will be raised higher than the body, and the full massage into each position on the body will help blood flow easily to the brain and other parts. From there, your body will be metabolized better, reducing stress effectively.