The world has become a very developed and sophisticated place. In the modern world, there’s more to do than ever before. This has shifted away from the natural world and caused children to grow up with less wonder and appreciation for nature. Society has become too busy and lost sight of what is essential: Play. 

Play is a vital part of childhood development, and children who are deprived of it end up missing out on specific vital skills and developmental milestones. In this article, Child Care Bethesda MD specialists advise why children should be encouraged to play in nature.

– Senses Stimulant

Children need to learn to be more conscious of the things around them to become conscious adults. Nature is the best place to do this because it is filled with different sights, sounds, smells, and textures that help children learn. Nature also stimulates their senses which helps them become more alert and aware of their surroundings.

– Increased Intellect

At Daycare Centers in Bethesda MD, There is a reason why playing in nature is encouraged for children. According to studies, kids who play outside are more intelligent, better behaved, and less likely to be obese than their peers who spend most of their time indoors. It is easy to see why playing outside has so many benefits. One of the best parts about playing outside is that it is free. You do not have to spend money on going out or buying toys. You only need to get dressed and put on some shoes.

– Enhance Social and Physical Development

Nature is perfect for children to explore their senses and learn about the world. Nature provides opportunities for children to build relationships with animals, plants, and their bodies. In nature, children can play and be free from the day-to-day stresses of school and society. The physical benefits of playing in nature are numerous, including better sleep, increased physical activity, and a stronger immune system. The social benefits of playing in nature include developing empathy and compassion for others, learning cooperation like teamwork taught at  Daycare Centers in Bethesda MD, and leadership skills.

– Empathy Development

Nowadays, many kids spend more time playing video games and watching TV than outside. The lack of exposure to the natural world can lead to a lack of empathy. When children spend time in nature, they can connect with other living things and develop empathy. Children who spend time in nature develop social skills and learn how to make friends and share. They also learn to respect the natural world.

Children at Child Care Bethesda MD use ample time to play outside and indoors. This is because playing in nature has many benefits for children. Some children may not want to go outside because they are afraid of bugs or uncomfortable playing in the dirt. If so, consider bringing your kid to a nearby park where you can watch from a distance while they play—allowing your child to explore their surroundings will teach you how to support them.