Turf installation involves making an aesthetic landscape by installing turf. In recent times, turf installation has become more popular. However, many people are opposed to the idea of installing turf outside the house. According to these people, the natural grass will last longer and be better for the environment. Well, these beliefs are very untrue.

According to research, well-maintained artificial turf has several environmental benefits- even more than natural plants. Furthermore, maintaining turfs isn’t as complicated as many people assume.

More specifically, here are vital reasons for you to opt for Houston turf installation:

– Longer usage time

You’ve probably heard that natural grass doesn’t allow usage for long. Indeed, it is advisable to keep off your grass for a few days to allow it to rest. This is because, when you spend long hours playing on the grass daily, it will reduce in quality.

However, turf is different; this is because turf can withstand longer usage time. Even if you stand or play around on your turf, it won’t degrade in quality. You can stay on the turf for hours every day without any negative effects. Turf installation allows you to spend more time in your green space without worrying about possible damage.

– More rugged

Even when you regularly water your outdoor plants, you’ll agree that they are not easy to take care of. Especially in unfavorable weather conditions, natural grass can lose quality or even die. For instance, during periods of freezing winter, your grass can begin to get scanty and eventually die.

On the other hand, turf is not affected by these harsh weather conditions. Whether sweltering summers or unbearably cold winters, turf can take it and still look as good as new. Unlike natural grass, no sand can be swept away underneath turfs during heavy rains or drought.

– Cooling effect

Turf grasses are perfect for the environment as they have a cooling effect. Through evapotranspiration, turfs take in solar radiation and, as a result, cool the air. This cooling effect also minimizes pollution.

By storing carbon, turfs increase humidity. A 50×50 patch of turf can produce more oxygen than is needed for a family of three.

– Aesthetic appeal

If your neighbor has turf installed around their house, you would be able to testify to the fact that turfs are beautiful to look at. They create an inviting landscape.

When people walk up to your house, your lawn is one of the first things they notice. When you opt for turf installation in Houston, your space is transformed from basic to welcoming and classy.

– Low Maintenance 

Contrary to the common opinion that turfs are complicated to maintain, they are actually easier to maintain than natural grass. 

Unlike natural grass, which requires routine mowing, fertilizing, reseeding, and watering, turfs don’t need many tasks after installation.

This factor also makes the cost of turf installation worth it in the long run.


Turf installation adds an aesthetic appeal to your space and also enhances the environment. To get your turf installation started, contact us today!