The world famous and critically acclaimed music producers and songwriters Carl Falk Gramer and Savan Kotecha invest in Malmö based Audiodo and Audiodo Personal Sound, a Swedish sound tech company which offers ground-breaking audio technology that enhances and adjusts the headphone sound to the user’s hearing.

– My immediate reaction to the product was ”I love it”. It’s a cool and simple idea which everyone can benefit from. When I tested Audiodo Personal Sound and saw my personal hearing profile, I was keen to find out more. As a producer, music lover and artist I want to learn more about sound and hearing. I’m aware of my own hearing and I know what and how I hear, but Audiodo Personal Sound presents a completely new world which I look forward to exploring, says Carl Falk Gramer.

Falk Gramer has produced global hits for Avicii, One Direction and Madonna, and in collaboration with Savan Kotecha from the US, he produced well known hits like Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” and Ariana Grande’s “One last time”.

– We are excited that leading music industry professionals experienced our product as a breakthrough for music lovers. It’s a testament to our hard work and this brilliant innovation. Creatives, artists and producers all need perfect sound, and we’re more than happy to provide it. We want to share the Audiodo Personal Sound experience with more music lovers, says Amir Sheikh, Audiodo CEO.

Audiodo Personal Sound is developed for personalised sound in headphones. As people experience sound differently, Audiodo adjusts the sound accurately to fit each individual’s hearing profile. The user takes an audio test through an app to determine his or her hearing strengths and weaknesses. Using algorithms, the various frequencies are adjusted to compensate for variations in the music listener’s hearing.


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From the left; Carl Falk, Savan Kotecha, Amir Sheikh CEO, Jonas Löfgren Chairman and Co-founder

Image credit: Lena Larsson Photography

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 About Audiodo

Audiodo, with its head office in Malmö, has deployed over 30 years of acoustics experience to design the most advanced sound personalisation technologies currently available in consumer electronics. The technology is developed by innovators with a passion for music, and Audiodo Personal Sound uses the power of digital signal processing to supply all music lovers with a perfect, bespoke sound quality.

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