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Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) Treatment Market 2022

Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) Treatment Market is likely to grow voraciously, i.e. at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021-2032, reaching US$ 1.81 Bn. Augmented and virtual reality are abreast with advanced technologies on a significant count. VR and AR do have loads of potential for offering in the healthcare vertical. The application areas include surgery and training simulation, and patients care and treatment.

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Benevolence regarding “Getting Dry” on Oral terms to drive the Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) Treatment Market

Xerostomia (dry mouth) comes across as a symptom leading to deficiency of saliva. In other words, the ones having dry mouth are devoid of saliva essential for keeping the mouth wet. The other terms for dry mouth, apart from xerostomia are cottonmouth, pasties, doughmouth, drooth, or des.

What causes Dry Mouth?

Xerostomia causes include certain medications like antihistamines, hypertensive medications to treat high blood pressure, decongestants, muscle relaxants, antidiarrheals, urinary continence drugs, some antidepressants, and certain medications for Parkinson’s disease. Though dry mouth has nothing to do with aging, the geriatric population tends to consume more medications as compared to the remaining population. These medications could also result in dry mouth. Besides, there is a likelihood of salivary glands getting damaged due to radiotherapy performed to neck and head. Chemotherapy could also change the course of saliva; as to the quantity produced by the body. Surgery or injury could cause nerve damage to the neck and head. The symptoms of dry mouth could also be aggravated by excessive chewing of tobacco. Dehydration is another reason. Playing or exercising in heat could also result in dry mouth.

The other health ailments causing xerostomia (dry mouth) include anxiety disorders, depression, HIV/AIDS, mismanaged diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, sleeping with mouth wide open, snoring, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

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Xerostomia Symptoms

Xerostomia symptoms are inclusive of bad breath, cheilitis and fissuring of lips, fissuring and cracking of oral mucosa or inner lining of lips and cheeks, dryness in mouth, taste disorders (dysgeusia), thrush, painful tongue, feeling extra thirsty at night, frequent gum disease, more plaque and tooth decay, problems in speaking, problems in swallowing and chewing, sore throat, stringy saliva, sticky saliva, and sialadenitis.

Xerostomia pronunciation goes this way – zee ruh stoh mee uh. The term “xerostomia” is often used with “hyposalivation”, as “Xerostomia and Hyposalivation”.

Miracle Cure for Dry Mouth

The remedies mentioned below are believed to relieve of dry mouth –

  • Drinking water
  • Avoiding medications like antihistamines, antihypertensives, hormone medications, and bronchodilators.
  • Drop Sugar (could go for Sugarless Candies and chew sugarless gum instead)
  • Quit Smoking
  • Avert Caffeine
  • Limit the use of Alcohol
  • Improve oral care
  • Make use of mouthwash free of alcohol
  • Refrain breathing through mouth
  • Get a Humidifier
  • Switch to Aloe Vera (or other herbal remedies approved by the doctor)


Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) Treatment Market, by product, spans oral sprays, oral solutions, oral liquids, gels, and powders. By age group, it could be paediatrics, adults (early adults (18-34 years), early middle age (35-44 years, late middle age (45-64 years), and late adulthood (above 65 years)). By distribution channel, it’s retail pharmacies, hospitals pharmacies, drug stores, mail order pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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The key players include GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Daiichi Phaarmaceutical Co., Ltd., Bausch Health Companies Inc. (OraPharma), Advanz Pharma Corp. Limited, CCMed Ltd., Elevate Oral Care, LLC, Orahealth Corporation, Forward Science, paarnell Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Midatech Phaarma Plc, The 3M Company, Mission Pharmacal, Chattem, Inc., EUSA Pharma, Inc., Colgate-Pamolive Company, and likewise. Regarding developments, GlaxoSmithKline, in November 2020, did come up with Polident, an oral care and denture care brand in India. ICPA, in January 2022, did launch CHLORHEXIDINE GARGLE, a mouthwash.

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