4 Benefits of Universal Life Insurance

If you’ve been in the process of solidifying plans for your family’s financial future, getting life insurance is most likely on your to-do list. Finding the right life insurance policy can be difficult with so many options available. While term.

Does an autism diagnosis affect life insurance?

An autism diagnosis can affect life insurance, but that doesn’t mean people with autism can’t qualify for affordable coverage. Providers measure the risk of offering applicants life insurance based on age, lifestyle, gender, and health conditions. They may reject your.

How much life insurance should a married couple have?

If you’re married or planning to get married, the life insurance conversation needs to happen sooner rather than later. Have you had “the talk” with your spouse yet? This can sometimes get lost in the early years because there’s so.

Vivien L.: Why don’t we dance to the heartbreak?

Monday night, music enthusiasts gathered at the iconic Mercury Lounge in New York City to witness a spectacular showcase of diverse musical talents at the “Vivien L.: DANCE TO THE HEARTBREAK”, organized by the International Asian Culture Society. The event.

Preparing to Pay for College Tuition?

When your teenager starts the college application process, it’s a proud moment for most parents. College is an exciting time for teens and, in many ways, it paves the way for adulthood. Between applications and campus visits, you’re probably also.

Global Lyme Alliance Announces Appointment of Kenzie Vath To Board of Directors

STAMFORD, CT (March 30, 2023)— Global Lyme Alliance (GLA), the leading nonprofit dedicated to curing Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, announced today the appointment of Kenzie Vath to its Board of Directors.    “We are pleased to welcome Kenzie Vath.

Insightful Launches Innovative Office vs Remote Feature for Enhanced Hybrid Work

The groundbreaking new feature enables companies to create more effective hybrid work policies and support remote work productivity. SAN FRANCISCO, USA –  Insightful, a leading remote work productivity software, has today released a revolutionary new feature that enables companies to.

Africa leads the way for Artificial Intelligence in legal practice

Working in the African legal context comes with its challenges, but it is exactly these challenges that have created fertile ground for building one of the world’s most innovative legal-tech platforms: Afriwise. Today, Afriwise is set to leapfrog as a.

A Guide to The Benefits of Field Worker Management and Scheduling Software

Managing a field staff can be complicated, particularly when you are dealing with a large number of employees who work in different locations. Fortunately, the right field worker management software and scheduling software can make it easier to keep track of your.

Counter-drones Market Size Worth $1.24 billion in 2022 with the Highest Contribution from North America – GlobalData Plc

The global counter-drones market size reached $1.24 billion in 2022, according to a new report by GlobalData Plc. The growing adoption of counter-drones will be supported by the increasing use of commercial drones for criminal activities and the wider adoption.

South-East Asia Infrastructure Construction Market Size Worth $200.2 billion in 2022 with the Highest Contribution from Indonesia – GlobalData Plc

South-East Asia infrastructure construction market size was evaluated at $200.2 billion in 2022, according to a new report by GlobalData Plc. Factors such as evolving demand-positive demographics, rising household incomes, and continuing urbanization will support demand for new road construction.

5 Reasons You Should Buy High-Quality Used Lab Cabinets

A typical laboratory cabinet is a storage system created for the purpose of preserving and storing laboratory tools, supplies and chemicals among other items. It is usually made from hard materials like steel, wood, and phenolic resin, etc., and built.